Meet NeuroScientist Dr. Keith Darrow
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Restore Hearing Clarity, Reduce Tinnitus, and
Improve Cognitive Function with Hearing Treatment

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Restore Hearing Clarity, Reduce Tinnitus, and Improve Cognitive Function with Hearing Treatment

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Restore Hearing Clarity, Reduce Tinnitus, and
Improve Cognitive Function with Hearing Treatment

Folsom Office

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Meet NeuroScientist Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD.

Hearing Rehabilitation & Care You Can Count On

Dr. Keith N. Darrow, Ph.D., the Director of Audiology Research at Intermountain Audiology, is an M.I.T. and Harvard Medical Trained Neuroscientist, as well as a Massachusetts Licensed Audiologist. In addition to his extensive training in audiology, Dr. Darrow’s expertise includes a Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology.

Thanks to his unique background, considerable knowledge, and notable experience, Dr. Darrow provides the research, understanding, and training needed to diagnose and treat your or your loved one’s hearing impairment properly. His approach to hearing rehabilitation has improved lives not only for patients of Intermountain Audiology but also for patients of numerous other audiology practices throughout the country.

Experience & Expertise

  • Founder of Hearing & Brain Centers, which specializes in the diagnosis of hearing loss, the brain’s auditory processing capability, and assessment of your cognitive load (i.e., quantifying how hard your brain must work to hear when there is background noise).
  • Former Research Associate at the Eaton Peabody Lab at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, where he worked on auditory physiology and auditory prostheses.
  • Professor of Hearing Science, Audiology, Research, and Assessment and Treatment of Balance Disorders at Worcester State University.
  • Nonprofit Sound of Life Foundation board member
  • M.I.T. & Harvard Medical School training in NeuroScience

Dr. Darrow’s research, treatment methods, and quality of hearing care can be experienced by working with the trained team of hearing specialists at Hearing and Brain Centers. In addition, you can request to attend seminars or workshops conducted by Dr. Darrow throughout the year.

Publications & Awards

  • Author of Stop Living in Isolation, Amazon best-selling book
  • Nominated as Best in Worcester County 3 years in a row

Featured Interviews

  • Fox News
  • Charter TV
  • iHEART Radio
  • The Huntsman World Senior Games Radio
  • Worcester Telegram and Gazette
  • Holden Landmark
meet neuroscientist dr keith darrow phd

Dr. Keith N. Darrow, Ph.D., CCC-A
Neuroscientist & Audiologist
Director of Audiology Research

Want to Know More? Schedule Your Free Dr. Darrow-Approved Hearing Assessment Today

If you’ve shared any of these concerns, hopefully, this brief discussion has put your mind at ease that you are not alone. But don’t stop now; there’s much more to explore here. In my practice, I see patients like you every day. You’re worried about your hearing, about your brain health, and about your personal relationships, but you are none too eager to jump right into the world of hearing aids.

We see patients who are self-conscious about their hearing loss and concerned about their cognitive decline as they age, and people who have taken to socially isolating themselves from their family, friends, and community.

Receive a FREE copy of Dr. Darrow’s Book, Stop Living in Isolation, When You Schedule Your Free Hearing Assessment

The book is called Stop Living In Isolation because there is simply no reason for you or a loved one to fear treating hearing loss and keep yourself from staying active, engaged, and independent as you age.

What you and your family need aren’t more questions, but answers. You don’t need more doubts; you need results. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m an Audiologist, and I’m here to help.

When Should You See an Audiologist?

I’m glad you asked: my best patients are active participants in their healthcare decisions. The fact is, being proactive in your hearing health can give you a lifetime of benefits. If you are reading this page, then chances are you already have questions about your or a loved one’s hearing. I, therefore, invite you to schedule a Free Dr. Darrow-Approved Hearing Assessment at Cognitive Hearing Centers.

Providing you or your loved one the opportunity to stay in the conversation and maintain proper cognitive health is an important investment. The time and effort you spend researching Audiologists now will lead to a confident decision in the type of care you receive and when you receive it. Simply stated, effort equals result. Be an active participant in your hearing healthcare now and reap the rewards for a lifetime.

This short book is meant as a guide for patients and family members who are unfamiliar with Audiology. Maybe you have normal hearing, maybe you haven’t had someone close to you suffer from hearing loss, but you want to provide this important investment for you and your family. Like any unfamiliar endeavor, the initial steps can be overwhelming. Giving you the confidence to make decisions about the timing of your hearing loss treatment is the basic goal of this publication. In fact, this book answers over two dozen of the most commonly asked questions about Audiology and treating hearing loss. Stop Living In Isolation is easy to read and will serve as a quick reference and valuable resource in the journey of improving your life through improved hearing and clarity.

As one of the premier hearing centers in Folsom & Placerville, CA our Audiologist, Hearing Instrument Specialists, and team at Cognitive Hearing Centers also provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Orangevale, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Pollock Pines & Diamond Springs, CA and Surrounding Areas.